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Dora Winifred "Winny" Read (born March 1, 2010; formerly D.W.) is the daughter of Jane and David Read, and the sister of Arthur and Kate Read.

Arthur's younger sister in preschool. She the daughter of David and Jane Read, and the sister of Arthur and Kate Read. She goes to Elwood City Preschool. She was friends with Emily, until Emily commited suicide (which was partially D.W.'s fault).

D.W. was mortally tortured by Pickles. Her tongue was ripped out, three fingers chopped off, an eyeball popped, and injuries to her spleen area. D.W. is currently being hospitalized for the injuries (Pickles, Part 4). Despite her lack of tongue, D.W. is impossibly capable of speech (Pickles, Part 5).



D.W. is a chipper, but often bratty little girl. She is terrified of octopuses (Tentacles). She likes to annoy her older brother Arthur. Although she believes she is a big girl, D.W. nearly died from eating a green chip (Death by Chip), a fire in the preschool (D.W., Engulfed in Flames), and an octopus attack (Tentacles).

Elwood HighEdit

Thirteen-year-old D.W. prefers to be called "Winny."



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Ceremony Category Result
1st Woody Awards[1] Worst Character Won
2nd Woody Awards[2] Funniest Character Nominated
Most-Hated Character Nominated