Sue Ellen Armstrong[4][5] is a female teenage cat who lives in Elwood City and attends Elwood City High School. Her mother is a homemaker and her father is an international diplomat, which has allowed her to live in many exotic places in the past, such as Togo. As a child, Sue Ellen attended Lakewood Elementary School and was in Mr. Ratburn's (later Miss Sweetwater's) class.

Sue Ellen is extremely well-read, charismatic, and worldly. Her global travels are shown through her knowledge of other cultures. As a high school senior, Sue Ellen is dating Arthur Read, a childhood friend. She is frequently suspicious of Arthur's friendly relationship with Francine Frensky, his ex-girlfriend.


Early lifeEdit

Sue Ellen was born in 2005 or 2006 to Sarah and Mr. Armstrong.[2] It is possible that she was born in a foreign country. Around 2014,[6] Sue Ellen and her family moved to Elwood City, Pennsylvania in the United States. There she enrolled at Lakewood Elementary, and joined Mr. Ratburn's class.


In third grade, Sue Ellen, Arthur Read, and Binky Barnes found an oasis in a nearby forest, naming it Arsubia and claiming it as their own.[4] Later, when Arthur's younger sister D.W. tried to enter Arsubia, Sue Ellen was among those who did not allow her to. Eventually, Mrs. Read forced the kids to let D.W. into the oasis, who subsequently invited all her preschool friends. This angered Sue Ellen and her friends.[7]


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